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Guts - Seminar on Writing in Artistic Research

Fri 27 May 2016
10.00 – 16.00

Guts is a doctoral student based project in Aalto Arts, which aims to investigate and support students in challenges of writing. The seminar is open to all level of students and researchers who are interested in the topic.

As researchers, we are all writers. The relation between artistic practice and writing is a challenging topic in artistic research. Often the relationship is felt to be one of friction or even a paradox, where art is seen as something escaping or going beyond what can be expressed by words – and especially academic conventions of writing. What is the role of writing in artistic research? What types of new approaches may emerge from this challenge? Do we have the guts to try new ways of writing and thinking in artistic research?

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Kone Foundation seminar room Kamari
Tehtaankatu 21
00150 Helsinki

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Contact for this event:

Heta Kaisto
+358 50 313 8335
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