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Pack-Age and ME310 Aalto Gala

Fri 27 May 2016
13.00 – 17.00

Pack-Age design teams present new exiting packaging concepts and prototypes to the public and their clients at the closing show of Pack-Age 2016. Pack-Age is an Aalto minor course, joining talent from four different schools to create a unique learning platform for tackling real packaging design challenges from the industry. Each team has a specific design challenge from a company. The student teams are custom built for each project. Project-based learning is supported by a wide range of theme lectures and workshops by specialists from Finland and abroad.

ME310 Aalto presents the results of year-long design thinking projects. Four interdisciplinary student teams took on real-life corporate challenges together with their global university partners last October, and are now ready to demonstrate their amazing results! Following Stanford University's methodologies and design thinking process the teams have gone through extensive needfinding, benchmarking, ideating, prototyping and testing to find the optimal solutions to their design challenges. During this event the students will not only present, but also demonstrate their solutions with functional proof-of-concept prototypes.

Aalto Design Factory Stage, Otaniemi
Betonimiehenkuja 5C
02150 Espoo

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Markus Joutsela
Markku Koskela
+358 50 409 4405
+358 50 408 1760
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