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Artist Talk: Miradonna Sirkka // Experiencing Connection

experience, art, collaboration, communication, multidisciplinary, space

25 May at 12:00 — 13:00



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Otakaari 1, Auditorium A
Otaniemi campus


Free Entry


How are the audience, performer and objects connected to each other? How to communicate within this triangle? What obstacles to communication from everyday life do we bring to the stage? How to communicate with the audience without creating an unequal situation?

Miradonna Sirkka is a circus artist, for whom performances are comprehensive collaborations between movement and different forms of art. Sirkka graduated from Turku University of Applied Sciences in 2016. She has been taking her art towards a form of experiential performance that explores different modes of communication between performer and audience.

Experiencing Connection is a seminar talk as part of a communication in art course in Aalto University. Miradonna Sirkka is a MA student in Visual Culture and Contemporary art in Aalto University.


Otakaari 1, Auditorium A
Otakaari 1

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