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Myself, My-Others —

experience, art, communication, design, research

24 May — 11 July

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Sushibar + Wine Uudenmaankatu
Downtown Helsinki


Free Entry


Myself, My-Others — is a photobook by Babi Brasileiro, edited by the renowned Japanese photographer Yoshihiko Ueda. In the exhibition, the photobook is transported to the wall respecting the visual weight of the photos. Their disclosure and display follows the book editor vision. In the book, images started to tighten up together to sort themselves out during the process. Coming from random moments and places it works as a chemical mix of elements of the self and the others. It reflects the allowance and embracement of contrasts during the life path. Recognizing the pain, not to hurt, but to make your consciousness remember that you are alive.

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Mon 11:00 — 22:00
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Sushibar + Wine Uudenmaankatu
Uudenmaankatu 15
00120 Helsinki

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