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Workshop on Circular Economy of EV Batteries

learn, chemistry, engineering, research, sustainability, technology

24 — 25 May

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Innopoli 1
Otaniemi campus


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European Commission has recently called for action to establish European lithium-ion battery manufacturing industry and ecosystem. The European ecosystem should involve all the parts of the value chain from mining of raw materials to second life applications and recycling of used batteries, following the principles of Circular Economy (CE). EIT RawMaterials is contributing to the building of the ecosystem, and new tools for multi-stakeholder life cycle assessment in CE and analyzing the theoretical and practical limits in recycling processes are developed in the Finnish national CloseLoop project funded by the Strategic Research Board at Academy of Finland. We are inviting stakeholders in all parts of the lithium battery value chain to a joint workshop to learn how the European battery ecosystem is evolving, what are the challenges, and what kind of new analytical tools can be used for the ecosystem optimization.

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Innopoli 1
Tekniikantie 12
02150 Espoo

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